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dippermouth's Journal

dippermouth blues
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dippermouth is the nest egg graphics community of world-renowned & extremely modest ratpackfanatic. dippermouth will be the place that carly (aka ratpackfanatic) will be putting all of her graphics (including icons, headers, friends only banners, and whatever else she feels like gracing your presence with).
if you're looking for resources, i only use brushes & textures, and those can be found on the main page of dippermouth under the numbered links next to "resources". you can find all of those talented people there. :]

and as for the name "dippermouth", it's derived from one of the best swing numbers that ratpackfanatic knows--the tommy dorsey orchestra's rendition of "dippermouth blues". besides, she knew the name could never be taken, because who would think of something like that?
what you should be expecting.
ratpackfanatic has an unyielding passion for anything & everything frank sinatra. the majority of her graphics in some way involve frank--be it his picture, lyrics, quotes, etc. but she also loves old hollywood & all of its glitz & glamour. the furs, the class, the cat-eye glasses enchant her, as well as all of the beautiful people the graced the silver screen back in the good ol' days.

you can expect lots of old hollywood actors & actresses, text icons involving old movie quotes, and big band & swing lyrics. a few "new age" graphics may pop up here & there, but don't expect too many of them. ;)
the short list of rules.
+ credit isn't necessary, but it is appreciated. if you want to credit carly, either put ratpackfanatic or dippermouth in your keywords when you upload!
+ comment me when you take my graphics! i love to see who they go off to--kind of like those puppies at the pound :P
+ hotlink any of my images & i'll cut your fingers off like they did in the days of queen elizabeth I.
+ most importantly, ENJOY what you see & use it to your little heart's desire :]
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